Help Mery Daniel
Boston Bombing Survivor

After losing her leg in the Boston terrorist attack, Mery's life will never be the same. We can, however, come together to help create the best possible future for her. My name is Bonnie St. John (amputee Paralympic athlete, author, inspirational speaker), and I created this site for Mery. I first met Mery when I visited the marathon bombing survivors about two weeks after the attack. Not only did she lose her left leg above the knee, but the backside of her “good leg” also sustained severe damage. Despite her bright smile and sweet, quiet personality, I learned Mery is facing extraordinary challenges beyond her difficult physical recovery. She will have to relocate from her 2nd floor walk-up apartment, get extra help as mother of her five-year-old daughter, and will need a lot of help to pay for her continuing hospital bills, rehab, prosthetics, and more. When I first met her, Mery had not done any media interviews or raised any money despite how great her need will be, so I decided rally a team to help her take advantage of every possible opportunity for support. I’m happy to report that, after three weeks, Mery was able to stand and take her first steps with a walker. She was SO excited! All of us on “Team Mery” cheered for her! Mery has been extremely appreciative of every little thing we do for her—a bar of chocolate, a teddy bear, even ordering a pizza as relief from the endless (healthy) hospital meals. Please help us reach our goal of raising $500,000 for this wonderful young woman.

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Please note that the spelling of her name is “Mery” not “Mary” and “Daniel” not “Daniels”.